by now, if you haven’t heard of 4 lokos, you likely haven’t read many blogs. or twitters (tweets?). or, you know, the news.

a drink that mixes alcohol and caffeine, four lokos has gotten a huge amount of backlash lately.  it is what my friend ECF likens to something  produced by the devil himself (if she were to believe in the devil) and what college campuses have been attributing hospitalizations all around the country to.  With flavors like lemonade and watermelon, an affordable price tag to those without jobs ($3) and bright, colorful packaging, many feel the product  is directed towards children.  For some quick stats, a 4 lokos contains:

  • 23.5 ounces
  • 12% alcohol (like a bottle of wine. except a can is considered a single serving.)
  • 660 calories (I know, I’m speechless too)
  • the “same amount of caffeine as a tall Starbuck’s coffee” (the very accurate amount given by Phusion Project’s website)- 260 mg
photo from nrfocus.com

On Wednesday, the FDA ruled that caffeinated alcoholic beverages are unsafe. (ECF, I believe we can thank you directly for this). They stopped shipments to several states, including NY, and retailers have until Dec.10th to clear out any inventory. Which, of course, means 4lokos are selling like hotcakes- no better way to make something popular than making it forbidden! (on a sidenote-what are hotcakes, and why are they so popular?) While the website swears its perfectly safe, Phusion Projects (the father of 4lokos) has decided to revamp the formula, removing all caffeine, guarana, and taurine. 

Is 4lokos any worse than, say, the omnipresent Red Bull vodka, which contains the same type of ingredients? It’s hard to tell, but what we do know is 4lokos is super drinkable (these things actually taste like juice), and has caused numerous blackouts, hospitalizations, and most socially alarming- incredibly embarrassing moments for some of its drinkers.

if you dare to try what has been affectionately named “liquid cocaine”, “blackout juice”, and “the new roofie”, you have a few days left!  but in all honesty- I think we can agree it’s safe to skip this one.

xx nutrishlin


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stay-slim saturdays 2: Sultan Kabob

bienvenido a miami, friends!

as I’m spending the weekend in beautiful Miami (it’s 80 degrees and sunny, feel free to be jealous), I’m doing a special South Beach edition.

Now, in my opinion, nothing goes better with a fantastic night at Mynt with all my miami faves (PositivB, Jewban, the Silvermans & the swissie) than a good after-party at…Sultan’s! Located on 19th and Collins (steps away from Mynt’s door), this late-night eatery features middle eastern food and pizza.  I’ve spent many a night here inhaling falafel sandwiches and entire pizza pies (while wondering where I lost my phone).

While nothing is better than some deep fried fava beans and hummus at 4am, falafel is surprisingly not the best late-night treat- one sandwich can have over 550 calories.  Even though it contains some good fats and can have up to 18 grams of protein (all good!), it’s totally unnecessary to end the night with- no need to add 500 calories on top of all those champagne & vodka’s you downed! Same goes for shwarma- containing between 400-600 cals a sandwhich, this isn’t the way to go.  With around 250 calories a slice, pizza is going to be the best way for you to end your night.

back to the beach!

xx nutrishlin

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better baking: Pumpkin Muffins

so, my friend loves to cook, my sister makes amazing reservations, and as for myself? i’m a baker. when im feeling down, or stressed, the fastest way to feeling better is in the form of crispy chocolate chip cookies (my personal specialty).

unfortunately…as I bake, I eat. A lot. No really, a lot. Not I’ll-try-one-teaspoon-a lot, but why-did-this-only-make-8-cookies-when-it-was-supposed-to-make-36?-a lot. Not exactly waistline friendly.

So every week, I’ll find fun, low-calorie baking recipes for you guys- because the only cute place for a muffin top, my friends, is in a bakery. In celebration of fall, I’ll start with pumpkin muffins!! My fab friend PositivB (check her out!) helped me with these bad boys.  Are they a substitute for Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Muffin? I can’t lie to you guys on that- no.  However, for about 40 calories EACH- yes, you read that right- instead of 600, it’s not so bad! They’re spicy and sweet, super easy to make, totally autumn-friendly…and you can have a bunch and still feel great.

Low-Calorie Pumpkin Spice Muffins

  • 2/3 cup nonfat dry milk
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Sugar Substitue (splenda, etc)- to equal 12 teaspoons of real sugar
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup Egg Whites or Egg Beaters
  • 1 cup of canned pumpkin
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Combine dry ingredients in one bowl, and wet ingredients in a separate one. Slowly stir the dry ingredients into the wet ones, until combined.  Pour into small cupcake wrappers (my calorie yield was based on 18). Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Cool for a few minutes, and enjoy!

PositivB enjoying our creation

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stay-slim saturdays! part 1: meatball mania

happy weekend!

So, I’ve come to realize i am a huge fan of after-hours eating, and I bet some of you crave 3 am pizza as much as myself.  For those of you who don’t? Please e-mail me so you can tell me your secrets.  For the rest of us…

Nothing can derail a diet faster than the extra 600 cals you consume for your 4th meal.  And, in a lot of cases (not, umm, from experience) alcohol has a lot to do with your sudden cravings. (It’s thought that in addition to lowering inhibitions, alcohol also suppresses leptin secretion, the hormone that makes you feel full- http://tinyurl.com/alcohol-leptin).  So, every Saturday, to prepare you for your weekend, I’ll tell you the best choices you can make when 2am rolls around.  I’ll call this series stay-slim saturdays (thanks to es & rach for coming up with this idea!)

Last evening ended in one of my verryyy favorite late-night treats: the meatball shop,in the lower east side.  oh yeah. ohhhh yeah.


the menu consists of different types of, ah- balls (beef, pork, etc), with choices of  breads, warm sauces (tomato and cream based), gooey melted cheeses, and alcohol-absorbing sides like mashed potatoes & pasta. an intoxicated paradise? absolutely.  waistline friendly? no, no… no. so, should you find yourself stumbling upon (or stumbling into) this meatball mecca, I’d recommend…

an “everything but the kitchen sink” with chicken meatballs and tomato based-sauce (spicy or regular)- this dish comes on top of a variety of their local veggies, has no cheese or bread, the chicken is likely to have the least fat content of the bunch, tomato sauce has the least cals and fat, and best of all??  it’s still amazingly satisfying, hot, and meat-y. perfect way to end an evening!

see you all next weekend!

xx nutrishlin

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no need to scare your diet off this halloween


It’s finally Halloween. And that means it’s almost my favorite day of the year….the day AFTER Halloween!!  Why, you may ask, do you care about November 1st? Who cares about the day after Halloween, when teeny tiny revealing costumes disappear, fun goes away, & winter starts? I can happily answer all those questions in a one-word answer that requires no further explanation:


Lots and lots and lots of cheap candy.  All of my favorites…Kit-Kats, reeses, snickers, twix…for like, 35 cents a bag.  I go CRAZY. I go to Target and spend $50 on a year’s supply of black & orange M&Ms. (have you read the ingredients? trust me, they never go bad. feel free to stock up.). You know what’s not so fabulous about all that candy? Yep, you may have guessed it- calories.  When, all of a sudden, you realllyyy have to suck in to button those tight jeans that weren’t quite so tight a week ago (maybe they shrank in the dryer?)

But I’m not one to pass on a day devoted to eating fun-sized chocolate.  So to help out- I’ve compiled facts about which candy you can and should go for, which you know you shouldnt (but one piece isnt going to kill anyone, right?) how many pieces are okay, & what to expect.  Happy Halloween!

1 MINI snicker: 72 calories (really? for one bite?)

1 mini almond joy: 92 (same thoughts as above)

mini bag of M&Ms: 90 (chocolate winner! serious bang for you snack)

reese’s cup: 80 calories (yes, for ONE. eating your 4th and 5th doesn’t make that number get smaller.)

blow pop: 50 calories (go for it! takes forever to get to the gum- good staying power for the cals)

2 mini twix (1 package): 80 calories (at least its 2 things)

hershey’s kisses: 26 a pop (you can get a good 5 out of this and be okay- it’s on the recommend list)

skittles (mini bag):  80 calories (same idea as M&Ms- you get to eat a lot at a time, which is always fun)

candy corn (11 pieces): 70 calories (if you’re a sugar lover, 22 pieces for 140 cals and virtually no fat? enjoy)

sweetart: 50 calories (for a whole package! if you like sugar, this is for you)

milk duds (mini box) 40 calories (not bad! but a mini box has all of like 3 pieces)

…moderation, friends.

xx nutrishlin

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You know, you always hear about these things…the Twinkie that can survive a nuclear blast, a Hostess cupcake that has a shelf-life of twelve years... but you never actually see proof.

Until now.

I mean, I wasn’t putting a MickeyD’s burger on the top of my health list anyway, but this is actually scary (in a super fascinating way. what do they POSSIBLY put in these things??). check it out!

McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months


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hi all! hope everyone had a good weekend.

So, on Friday we went out to celebrate my grandma’s 83rd birthday.  And where did sweet little grandma insist we go?

Lucky Chengs.

For those of you who don’t know what Lucky Chengs is..it’s a Chinese-themed place served entirely by proud, loud transvestites. Complete with transvestite dance shows, lap dances, and stripper-style techniques (what can I say?  grandma’s still got it).  My personal favorite was a lovely…ah…lady, who goes by the name The Chinese F(expletive)-ing  B(inappropriate word for female dog). Anyway…

eating healthy out is never easy, especially when it’s family-style and you can’t choose your own. still, tried to make the best of it- went for the bbq chicken for some basic protein (but watch out for bbq sauce! tons of sugar makes that southern deliciousness) and sauteed veggies. not great, but better than the fried rice, eggrolls, and oily beef (fine, not the dish’s official name, but pretty accurate).

but once they brought the life-size chocolate mousse shoe out…well, if you know me, you know about my raging sweet tooth. hey, everyone deserves a treat.

till next time…

xx nutrishlin

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welcome to nutrition, lin-style

Hi friends!

I’m NutrishLin…(also known as just Lin to some of my friends!)…a nutritional consultant living in beautiful NYC. In other words, I help people through the difficult journey of weight loss, being healthy, and making the best choices they can.

Nutrition and health are my life, but so is food– I’ve been described as a s.e.r.i.o.u.s foodie by quite a group of people!  I live in the constant debate of loving food, and loving my favorite skinny jeans- not always so easy in a city full of such fun and amazing food.

Join me on my journey as I eat my way through the city, trying to lose weight, enjoy life, not sacrifice too much, and of course- help people in their own quests to health 🙂

xx nutrishLin

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